Who am I?

My name is Fanourios Kazakis. I was born and raised in Greece and I’m currently living and working in its capital city, Athens. I love this city, but I also love to travel a lot. I get quite happy when I get to work some place else because free time is valuable but also rare.

I create lots of still and moving images, it’s quite unique to do what you love for a living and that makes my heart happy. Also, I’m genuinely an optimist. I tend to laugh all the time and that seems to make people around me happy, too.

I’m a big fan of teamwork and community, but I also love working on my own, dedicated to what I do. Obviously, certain projects require either. But enough of the introductions, let’s be friends, work with each other and create great images.

Contact Me

So, are you interested in working together? You can contact me filling out the form below or you can email me directly.